Woodwork Institute Certification

SMI Architectural Millwork has been involved with and is in good standing the Woodwork Institute or WI since our inception. WI was previously known as WIC or Woodworking in California and was changed to WI when areas of Oregon, Nevada and Arizona were incorporated into the service areas. In 2007, WI joined with Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) and Architectural Woodwork Manufactures of Canada (AWMAC) to create the Joint Standards Committee tasked with creating a single, joint architectural woodwork standard. From this, a new manual was developed called the Architectural Woodwork Standards or AWS. We have received numerous awards for past projects including the Overall Millwork Project award in 2000 for the Santa Monica City Council Chambers project. You can find more out about WI at

Design Build

Choosing SMI Architectural Millwork early as your Design-Build partner lets us recommend the best materials to obtain the look you want and to stay within your budget. We can simplify some of the most complex design issues, recommend alternate materials, provide and recommend "Green" certified materials and provide detailed shop drawings. Our facilities allow us to handle all aspects of manufacturing - from custom millwork and veneers, to laminated plastic casework and fixtures. We take the responsibility and provide you more control over the millwork for your project. Though millwork is typically a small portion of the project, 6%-8%, it generally makes the biggest impression on your project. Get SMI Millwork involved early, to get the most out of the millwork on your next project.


Our estimating team provides detailed estimates from our in house generated software. All estimates are easy to read and clear to all parties on what is included. Design build is not a problem to get budgetary numbers as familiar with these. SMI has worked on both large and small scale design build projects. Also available is value engineering on projects. SMI has provided valuable cost savings to many architects and owners through value engineering.


Our engineering department uses some of the latest computer software technology available. SMI produces high quality drawings that leave all questions answered. All of our drawings are done in CAD format. Information on our CAD drawings is transferred directly into CNC and saw programming.

Project Management

SMI Architectural Millwork Inc. provides a single Project Manger that is responsible for the project typically after we receive a notice to proceed or a contract until it is completely installed and approved. The following is an example of our typical process. After a detailed review of the project with the estimating department, our Project manager will oversee the Engineering to make sure the details of the CAD drawings, samples and hardware are correct and submitted accordingly. After approval our PM will field verify all sizes and project conditions prior to releasing the job for materials to be ordered. Though materials and hardware are ordered by others, the Project Manager is responsible for making sure there are no lead time issues and that all the materials are received and inspected before our manufacturing processes begin. Our PM will typically be on the manufacturing floor 2-3 times a day to check the progress and quality of the jobs. Once the manufactured items are shipped to the project site, the PM will work with the installation Forman to make sure there are no issues with other trades and there is sufficient manpower to keep up with the project schedule.


SMI provides its own Union installation crews making prevailing wage and union projects no problem. SMI has been recognized by Cal/OSHA in the Golden Gate program for its injury and illness prevention program.

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